What is Microdermabrasion?

An effective non invasive resurfacing treatment designed to gently remove dead skin cells through the use of diamond tips. Great for reducing and minimising the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, acne scarring, congestion, enlarged pores and uneven skin tone. Ask about our microdermabrasion packages and payment plans.

Collagen Infused Micro

This amazing treatment will leave skin plump, hydrated and glowing. A diamond tipped microdermabrasion treatment followed by an active ampoule and the application of a collagen infused mask.
green arrowAllow: 1hr
green arrowPrice: $125

Micro Express

A superficial exfoliation treatment designed to increase the stimulation of blood flow which will leave skin glowing.
green arrowAllow: 30min
green arrowPrice: $85

Microdermabrasion Enhancers

green arrow$40  Add a Specialised Mask
green arrow$20  Add an Ampoule
green arrow$25 Add AHA peel
green arrow$20 Add Décolletage